Why Choose Us?

Strategic Solutions Inc. is a company focused on providing "Business Solutions." Our principles and values are based on providing our customers with the best value in terms of services and commitment to their success. SSI's clients have experienced distinctive, lasting and substantial cost improvements throughout their business processes. Whether in the need for policy development or cost saving initiatives, SSI provides a wide range of services that are flexible to the clients needs.

Mission Statement

Provide our clients continuous, progressive and distinctive results with substantial and lasting financial benefits.


Values and Principles

SSI can be trusted to do exactly as we say and take responsibility for our actions, which we base on our Values & Principles. SSI Values & Principles are meant to stand the test of time and remain valid no matter how our strategies and tactics may change

  • Integrity:
  • Integrity means SSI will do the right thing and will act honestly, fairly, and in accordance with all laws applicable to our company. We will treat our fellow employees with the utmost respect and courtesy, deal with our customers and vendors fairly, and avoid conflicts of interest.

  • Safety:
  • It is our way of life.

  • Communication:
  • We talk straight; we listen, and share our knowledge.

  • Quality:
  • We meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and are committed to helping them enhance their businesses.

  • Stewardship:
  • We manage our business to sustain environmental resources for the future generations.

  • Innovation:
  • We are creative and nimble and look worldwide for better ways to do things; continuously improving the way the way we work.

  • Recognition:
  • We value one another. We recognize one another's responsibility to participate actively, and we respect one another for our ideas and contributions.

  • Growth:
  • We support an environment of continuous learning and improvement, where our people can take on new challenges and are successful by combining global capability, deep local knowledge and creativity to outperform our competitors.

3021 Citrus Circle. Suite 210 Walnut Creek, CA 94598-2691 - P: 925.979.1233 - F: 925.932.4696 - email us : info@ssiscs.com