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GS1 Certified Solution Provider Guarantee

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Weights and Measurement Certification

Multi-Case Sampling Insures Validity of Data

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We’re a Certified Solution Provider for GS1

The GS1 Community comprises End Users (manufacturers, distributors, retailers, etc.) who have products in motion in the supply chain and Solution Providers (hardware and software companies, consultants, solution providers, systems integrators, training companies, etc.) who help the End User community implement the GS1 System or GDSN Network and its technologies. 

GS1 encourages all of our end users to work with and support the Solution Providers who are active members of GS1 and who provide products and services that not only claim to implement the GS1 system of standards but have gone through the product certification process to provide that level of assurance that the products meet the standards. 

>> Be sure to use products that have attained the EPCGlobal and EPCIS Certification seals and build your trading partner relationships on Certified Datapools.

GS1 Certified Weights & Measures Providers

The accurate and consistent dimensional measurement of trade item packaging is key to the successful implementation of Data Synchronization between trading partners. This common methodology for determining product package measurements is intended to ensure global compatibility.  

This methodology establishes rules for the global, unambiguous definition of nominal measurement attributes of product packaging to facilitate communication of the same for retail and non-retail products from the consumer unit to the case level and all intermediate packaging levels in between.

The use of statistically valid sampling to determine accurate weights and measures of products are key to the SSI solution. Often single one-time measurement occurs which fails to take into consideration variables related to multiple plant production, different methods of transportation, seasonality or time of year.  

All of these factors can create variables that only multi-case sampling answer. Providing a secure master file in a data base guarantees the weights and measures activity is documented and preserved for the accurate synchronization with customers.