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Invoice Processing

SSI's Customer Financial Services administers your company policy by insuring your customers' reimbursements follow policy guidelines and customers receive reimbursement/credit within seven days from receipt of invoice. This service enables your company to reduce or avoid deductions and double payments.

SSI uses Data warehousing and on-line analytical processing OLAP (Online analytical processing) technology that allows fast analysis of data. Users can customize and drill through the integrated reporting and analysis to expose the details behind the results. The data can be manipulated and analyzed from multiple perspectives.


Strategic Link allows users in the simplest way (web browser, point, click, print) possible, to access your company’s damaged/unsaleables invoice claims, supply chain audit data/information, and provides the most advanced Business Intelligence analysis capabilities in the industry today.


Strategic Link delivers reporting elements with flexibility to address each customer's needs including intuitive drill-through reports and the ability to add calculations to reports and queries right on the web. Enjoy advanced analysis capabilities and innovative ways to present information and analysis graphically.


Strategic Link allows users to understand not only what is happening, but where, when, why and how. It provides users with the ability to examine information at the highest level, and then drill down to the level of detail required.


Strategic Link provides users a completely interactive and dynamic ad hoc environment; this presents users with an integrated business view of their data, and empowers them to make business decisions through real-time data and exploration.


Strategic Link visualization provides users with the most effective business performance measurement and management methods. Delivering a visualization of advanced visual reports, quickly and clearly exposing critical information contained in massive amounts of complex business data. Users can interactively explore high-impact multi-metric visualizations, intuitively gain the insight necessary to scorecard their business activates and make effective decisions.

Strategic Link's two and three dimensional charts and graphs are used to clearly show performance results, presenting multiple metrics simultaneously. Users can view multiple Key Performance Indicator's that reflect different perspectives of the business on the same screen; they can also drill through the integrated reporting and analysis to expose the details behind the results.

Clients can also drill through the integrated reporting and analysis to expose the details behind the results.