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GS1 Certified Solution Provider Guarantee

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Retail Images

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Certified Solution Provider for GS1 

SSI provides images compliant with the GS1 established rules for the storage of digital images associated with product digital imaging storage.

GS1 Certified Imaging Providers

Retail images typically include the following:

·      Front

·      Back

·      Top

·      Bottom

·      Left side

·      Right side

Additional imaging i.e. montage and 360 are available upon request.

Case and inner pack weight and dimensional confirmation is also available.

All images are named using the QS1 image naming convention.

As a GS1 certified image provider SSI images can help both our Food Service and Retail manufacturer clients meet all of their imaging needs.

All images conform to GS1 guidelines.

SSI provides a links to product images that the client can access and download images as needed.

Food Service images typically include the following:

·      Case front

·      Open case

·      Inner pack

·      Raw product

·      Nutritional statements

·      Ingredient declarations