Reverse Logistics.


Policy creation, Implementation & Maintenance

Client implementation training & support

Policy Administration & Invoice Processing

Unsaleables Policy Management

Physical Managment of Returns

Supply Chain Audits

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Policy Development

  • For our clients, SSI designs Adjustable Rate Unsaleable Policies (ARP) and JIR type policies that are designed and administered according to the FMI/GMA Joint Industry Guidelines and Recommendations. The results from our design processes provides benefits and incentives to our clients and their trading partners.

  • Policies designed are fair, equitable, and create a "shared" accountability for our clients and their trading partners.

  • SSI helps clients understand the requirements of supporting policies for Adjustable Rate Policies.

  • Provides Key Account Managers with ARP implementation training regarding policy presentation which addresses issues and questions expected during trade customer review of clients ARP.

  • Support assistance with trade customer calls during ARP policy implementation.

Supply Chain Data Collection & Analysis

  • SSI's ARP type policy is designed based on analysis from the total product supply chain; this includes, manufacturing/distribution/3PL distribution, trade distribution/3PL distribution, and retail stores.

  • ARP data collection volume is based on sales and manufacturing volume and validated by SSI's statistician and verified by client's statistician.

  • The objective of SSI's ARP data collection processes, is to capture the causes of damaged/unsaleables and validate the damage rate by product category, throughout the product supply chain.

  • Data collection and analysis at client's and trade distribution centers are collected from randomly selected full pallets and full cases from reserve inventory, and in-bound and out-bound loads.

  • Audit/data collection locations are designed to insure proper geographic dispersion and ensure all channels and markets are included.

  • SSI Supply Chain Analysts are certified. Certification comes through the American Society of Quality (ASQ). SSI is the only third party (supply chain) service provider that is certified by ASQ.

Physical Management of Returns

  • SSI offers re-distribution, re-furbish and destruction, donation or salvage sales to clients.

  • In operation since 1968 with over 720,000 sq. ft. of facilities and over 200 employees.

  • A licensed Forward and Reverse Distributor.

  • Processes hazardous material and pharmaceutical returns.

  • Licensed by the FDA, DEA, EPA and USDA.

  • Pharmacy Controlled Substance Disposal (up to class 2).

  • Authorized burn plant and Hazmat disposal.