Supply Chain Services.


SSI provides the following services:

• Unsaleables Policy Development

• Order Fulfillment Analysis

• Data Accuracy Projects

• Supply Chain Data Collection & Analysis

• JIR Policy Administration

• Physical Management of Returns

• Product Recall Services

• Strategic Link™ IBM Cognos business intelligence software

• Invoice Processing

• Packaging Analysis

Due to the complexity of many markets, the cost to serve customers continues to increase even while product costs are decreasing.

Some industry studies show that cost improvement achieved in design and production of products are overcome by increases in the costs to deliver and support these products.

SSI's Supply Chain Root Cause Analysis (SCA) examines every manufacturing, distribution and retail procedure to determine where and how damages and unsaleables occur and how they can be prevented. The SCA and database system can identify the root causes and develop implementation procedures to prevent and reduce costs.

We focus on the collection of product data throughout the supply chain by professional, certified audit specialists.

The accumulation and analysis of this data is the basis for client-implemented continuous improvement projects that lower costS and improve efficiency.

The SSI total supply chain concept of auditing, data collection and analysis is unique in the Industry and provides information that works towards continuous improvement of processes that eliminate waste and inefficiency and supports true customer collaboration.

Over 75 Years of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Industry Expertise